Quick Form Query provides you with an intiutive toolset to create beautiful mobile-first applications with typo3.



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Modern, secure & quick

QFQ is designed to be responsive and take advantage of the typo3 front end users. To guarantee security QFQ only sends clients data they are supposed to change, eliminating risks of tampering. SIP encoded links ensure that user can only access content they are supposed to.

QFQ uses Bootstrap to create beautiful, customizable and responsive HTML5 content.

Modern Javascript libraries like jQuery and fabricJS power the frontend of QFQ to allow you and your visitors a modern experience.

Natively integrates to Typo3 8,9,10 LTS using the ExtBase Extension Framework and Sphinx Documentation.

QFQ is built completely open source.

Meet QFQ

Get in contact via support@math.uzh.ch


QFQ drives and is crucial in a number of different projects at the University of Zurich in different institutes and departments.

List of projects: Overview

The Zurich Graduate School in Mathematics uses QFQ for their online application tool and to display and manage their timetables and employees.

With QFQ Forms and Reports the Junior Euler Society sucessfully manages its courses and applications on a mobile friendly website.

UZH institutes and administrative departments use QFQ to manage their employments, courses, grant requests, inventories and automate their IT Infrastructures and processes. QFQ has been designed to be secure and to guarantee privacy.